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Healthy Foods at TropiBowls

Does TropiBowls have healthy food?

TropiBowls is a full healthy food restaurant. Ranging from Acai Bowls, Smoothies and Juices, to Wraps, Avocado Toasts, Salads and more. TropiBowls is very proud to always offer healthy options with the calorie count for each menu item.

How does TropiBowls choose healthy food?

Everything we have in our menu has a healthy option. Not everything in the menu is recommended for all diets, we recommend that you read the menu and pick the right item for your specific diet. However at TropiBowls everything's made to order and we can always change or remove an ingredient to make it to your satisfaction.

What are the healthiest foods in TropiBowls?

At TropiBowls, all our menu items have the calorie count next to their names. You can always choose the right item for your specific eating routines.

What low calorie foods do you have in TropiBowls?

Of course our smoothies are very low calorie but some of our salads, wraps and even acai bowls are very low calorie. You can always customize your order to your preference.

Healthy Food Near Me ?

TropiBowls is located in the South Florida Area. Expanding from Oakland Park in Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach, to the city of Tamarac and Weston. More locations coming soon, to stay up to date follow us on instagram at @tropibowlsofficial

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